Amy Henley was founded in London with a clear objective to design timeless shoes for fashion conscious women who value the highest level of quality. 

Working closely with our team of highly skilled artisan shoemakers in Italy, we utilise traditional methods and locally sourced materials to create truly unique footwear that is not only sustainable, but also fashionable in any season. In doing so, we can slow the fashion cycle and celebrate true, artisanal skill that cannot be found in a mass-produced line.

Contrasting traditional design techniques with contemporary fashion, Amy Henley shoes are made to be worn season after season. We focus on sourcing the highest quality sustainable materials and support skilled artisans who can develop exceptional collections that last.

Every pair of Amy Henley shoes encompasses the finest designs that can only be expected from traditional craftsmanship that makes use of familial knowledge passed down from parent to child.

Part of our vision is to support traditional shoemaking businesses and quality craftsmanship; to accomplish this, we have committed to work with small, family-run artisan factories in the Le Marche region of Italy, where long-established techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. This has allowed us to impart a touch of multi-generational craftsmanship that shows in each and every pair of Amy Henley shoes.

It is our vision to provide a better future for those in need. By partnering with Kenya Children’s Homes charity, we have been able to ensure that, for every pair of Amy Henley shoes purchased, a pair of school shoes will be sent to orphans in Kenya who need it most.